Cleaning service of kitchen suction systems.

Keeping the extractor hoods clean and the ejection system of the kitchen free of strong accumulations of fat is essential to make cooks and kitchen staff work at their best. The accumulation of grease inside the plants causes the malfunction, putting at great risk the hygiene and safety of the environment, resulting in unpleasant consequences such as:

Risk of fire.

The extracted vapors are composed of a high percentage of fat that accumulates in filters, hoods, ducts and extractors; this fat is highly flammable and is responsible for most of the fires that occur in restaurants.


Pouring grease on food.

The presence of fatty residues inside filters and ducts and the draining of them from fume hoods and exhaust channels can cause contamination of food during cooking and/or preparation.


Bad smells.

The organic deposits that are formed - finally -are also an excellent substrate for the proliferation of bacteria and mold that, in addition to generating odors (often perceived even in dining rooms) may be dangerous to human health or contaminate food.



In the stratifications there is the danger of nesting a series of weeds (Blatella germanica, Supella longipalpa maschio, Neanide di periplaneta, Blatta orientalis).


Energy saving.

Preventive interventions and good practices on maintenance, significantly increase the energy efficiency and performance of the extraction plants, reaching the reduction of energy consumption on average from 5% to 12%, depending on the efficiency of the same.


How We Work

on-site inspection and feasibility check in the kitchen.

covering and confinement to protect worktops and hobs.

cleaning and degreasing the extraction hood through the use of degreasing machines and  detergents;

cleaning and degreasing of the air expulsion ducts for the hood and the kitchen. Our cleaning procedure takes place through a pneumatic machine with rotating brushes, which  work with compressed air and with active alkaline foam. The air motor and foam brushing create  a flawless cleaning process against the most stubborn grease.