Quality, Environment and Safety Policy (PQAS)

GWA srl has established, implemented and maintained an integrated Policy for Quality, Environment and Safety in compliance with the requirements prescribed by the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015, UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 and UNI ISO 45001: 2018 Standards.

The GWA srl Policy is relevant and appropriate:

  • the purposes, dimensions and context in which it operates
  • to the strategic guidelines defined
  • the nature, size and environmental impacts of its activities, products manufactured and services provided
  • the specific nature of its risks and opportunities for occupational health and safety


In carrying out its activities, GWA srl undertakes to:

  • improve the quality, environment and safety management system in order to increase its performance
  • meet the applicable requirements and compliance obligations in relation to their own hazards relating to health and safety at work, environmental protection and other requirements of the Integrated System
  • prevent, control and monitor the environmental impacts deriving from significant environmental aspects for the protection of the environment, with particular attention to the prevention of pollution
  • provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injuries and illnesses
  • eliminate the dangers and reduce the risks to health and safety at work


The GWA srl policy includes a commitment to consult and participate in workers and workers’ representatives.

GWA srl pays particular attention to all the risk factors applicable in the performance of its activities and to the possible risks to which workers are exposed to minimize the possibility of occurrence through:

  • the provision of adequate personal protective equipment
  • the provision of collective protection devices
  • the presence of adequate warning signs and signs
  • the safety and scheduled maintenance of vehicles, machinery and work equipment
  • operational training of personnel in the safe use of work equipment
  • staff training and information on safety issues
  • operating instructions that also include behavioural methods to be followed for the prevention and protection of workers and for the protection of the environment
  • coordination of security with the customer


GWA srl as part of its activities:

  • disseminates to all personnel, with effective communication systems and training programs, the contents of the Integrated System, disseminating the principles and guidelines of the integrated policy, the objectives and the relative targets so that the personnel are:
    • made up of qualified and reliable people
    • made up of people accustomed to correct behavioural and professional ethics
    • made responsible for the importance of the tasks entrusted to him
    • motivated to achieve corporate objectives
  • fully involves the staff and provides awareness of the influence that one’s work has on the quality of the products manufactured and services provided, on the significant environmental aspects and risks, including environmental ones, linked to the work activity
  • guarantees its workers the possibility of operating in safe and healthy working conditions, in an environment that complies with current health and safety regulations
  • adopts all necessary measures to avoid damage to the health of employees and third parties
  • raises awareness, involves and makes all staff aware of adopting attitudes and behaviours of respect for the environment and safety:
    • at your workplace
    • at the Customer
  • optimizes the use of energy sources and natural resources
  • minimizes accidents that can pollute the soil, subsoil, groundwater and atmosphere by training personnel in emergency prevention and management techniques and procedures
  • adopts the necessary measures to prevent accidents, unforeseen events and emergency situations, as well as reduce the environmental impacts that result from their occurrence
  • with a view to risk prevention, it raises awareness and makes all staff aware of the importance of reporting accidents and near misses
  • involves and empowers company personnel in activities to protect the environment and the health and safety of the workplace, through information and training programs, especially for the functions involved in activities with environmental repercussions
  • operates in such a way as to avoid, as far as possible, any accidents that may occur during work; GWA srl is in fact aware that, as far as possible, accidents, if prevented, can be avoided
  • adopts preventive and emergency measures aimed at minimizing any causes of injury / accidents and avoiding damage to the health of employees and third parties
  • adopts suitable corrective actions for incidents / injuries and non-conformities
  • carries out periodic reviews of accidents and injuries to verify the effectiveness of the corrective actions undertaken
  • prohibits the use, possession and distribution of drugs and alcohol
  • invites all employees who find themselves in conditions of addiction to drugs and alcohol to stop their consumption and to undergo adequate medical treatment